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Jon & Johanna De Vine, 
Home Built Hero running Ka Klub
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Triple6, 22 years, 127k on the road
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>Founded September 2000 
>Over 1,500 owners have joined Ka Klub
>2450 owners in our Facebook Group
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Welcome to the Ka Owners Klub GB, founded September 2000 & in our 20th year. Please consider buying a Klub Pack for 20, to support the volunteer run Ka Klub. Klub packs are dispatched as soon as possible, yet can take up to 28 days.

Please join our Facebook Group to share with over 2400 owners.  This is our forum for discussion, help, arranging meets and sharing photos of your Ka.  All languages and nationalities are welcome, zero tolerance for bullying and spam. 

Thank you to all the owners, who bought a Klub Pack since September 2000, these contributions help keep the Klub going.  Since summer 2014, Ka Klub has been run by Johanna & Jon de Vine giving time and energy for free.  Thank you.  

Please like our Facebook Page to see photos of older Ford Ka meets.  The Facebook Group is where the members are. 
We have Ka Klub clothing available. It is supplied via a company that does one-off orders for you, so the Ka Klub does not bury money in holding stock.  Leads times are a few weeks, so please order ahead of when you would like it to arrive by.

Alexandra Needham with her awesome SportKa. View Alex's Gallery

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Read how to make your Ford Ka Go Faster and Ford Ka Go Further 
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Ka Klub 2000 to 2019 -  Nineteen years of flying the flag for the Ford Ka! 

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Insuring Your Ford Ka
The Ford Ka is an iconic car, with lower insurance for most drivers. Read more...
Alex Needham, 
mint SportKa, low on Cossie Rims
Ka at Home & Save Lives
Ka at Home & Save Lives Thousands of Ford Ka's are staying at home to save lives. A few are on the road driven by key workers....
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Ford Fair 2019
Ford Fair 2019 Ka Klub attended Ford Fair 2019
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EnduroKA Series 2019
EnduroKA Series 2019 The EnduroKA Series 2019 is underway, showing the fun and performance of the Ford Ka across 6 events....
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Ka Klub in Fast Ford Magazine
Ka Klub in Fast Ford Magazine Photo of the Ka Klub stand with Klub members at Ford Fair 2014 appears in Fast Ford magazine. ...
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Ford Fair Fun
Ford Fair Fun The Ka Klub attended Ford Fair 2014 with one of the best stands ever in a great spot at the heart of the Silver...
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Ka Klub Micro Meet - April 2014
Ka Klub Micro Meet - April 2014 Ka Klub members Ian and Michael met for a Micro Meet at Studley Green in th...
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